Founded in 2004, The Ion Productions Team, LLC is a small company located in metro Phoenix, Arizona that focuses on bringing exciting and unique products to the world.

Our team develops both entertainment software and innovative devices generated from our imaginations. In The Ion Productions Team’s 10+ year history, we have grown from two high school students pursuing their wild dreams, to a real company of friends making our name known with our remarkable products.

Our company is comprised of thinkers, dreamers, and engineers. We have taken the skills we've developed over the years working with in the automotive OEM design field and other businesses dedicated to producing high quality products, and honed them into crafting a successful business of our own.

Our mission is to continue to improve - both our products and ourselves.
Every day is a learning experience.

- Chris Byars, CEO/President

Chris Byars

Eric Mahan
Client Relations Manager & Product Specialist

Mat Kelley
COO/Vice President

Kelli Byars
Product Specialist

Evan Coleman
Networking, Concept Developer

Justin Larson
3D Artist, Programmer

Joseph Liberator
Concept Developer, Programmer

Jim Stewart
Video Editor