Release Date: TBD
Platforms: PC

Utilizing the latest Torque Engine technology, The Ion Productions Team's upcoming release was slated to be a dramatic first-person shooter set in the near future.

The codebase has recently been redirected toward creating a completely new title with unique features and riveting gameplay.

Currently untitled, it is a large world multiplayer cooperative FPS that requires players to use resources and stand together to successfully escape a terrible fate.

Hoppy Bunny

Release Date: April 29, 2014
Platforms: Android

Hoppy Bunny is a 2D platform game designed for Android powered mobile devices.

It follows the adventures of Nibbles, the cute white bunny, as he is tasked with rescuing his friends and helping his fellow rabbits of Bunny Mountain. Hoppy Bunny was a fun first publicly released project under the Evil Hare Productions name, but created by the lead developer of the Ion Productions Team.